CNC Machine Tolls Service

Our company is fully comprehensive maintenance services of numerically controlled machines and conventional. Our service begins with the mobilization of equipment provided by us through the inspection, maintenance and repair, both in the electrical, electronic, mechanical and machine tool control software. We service machines sold by us and our competitors machines made ​​in Germany, Japanese, Korean, Italian type: MAZAK, HAAS, DMG, MITSHUBISI, OKUMA, PAMA, SKODA, etc.

We conduct training for employees of companies, including knowledge of software science and preservation of machinery for proper operation. We run services sold machine tools, their repair, servicing or maintenance. Our goal is to complete the implementation of machine tools for production and their support after the sale.

A crucial argument in favor of our service is the speed of action and response to customer needs. These advantages combined with very competitive pricing of our service, make us very attractive partner. We invite you to cooperation.


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  • Payment by bank transfer within 14 days from the date of invoice.
  • In the event of damage to equipment during the warranty period due to collisions caused by operator errors, we reserve the right to charge Customer service costs.
  • Declaration of Employer: We are entitled to receive VAT invoices and also authorize you to issue VAT invoices.